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Peace breaks out as the 22nd Waging Peace Conference Commences

by Raniel Ponteras


Quezon City–Peace advocates from all walks of life all over the Philippines gathered to keep the dream of lasting peace alive in the 22nd National Conference of Kilos Kapayapaan and Waging Peace (GPPAC) Philippines centering on the theme Beyond the Talking Tables – Re-Imagine! Build an Inclusive Peace! The two-day event, held at ISO Conference Rooms 5 & 6, Ateneo de Manila University, on December 6-7, spearheaded by Kilos Para sa Kapayapaan at Katarungan and the Gaston Z. Ortigas Peace Institute was attended by participants from Sulong Carhrihl, Philippine Ecumenical Peace Platform, Mindanao Peaceweavers, Indigenous Peoples groups, We Act 1325, and Generation Peace Youth Network.

Some civil society, government, religious, women and youth representatives to the Waging Peace - Kilos Kapayapaan Conference 2012. The theme is "Beyond the Talking Tables: Reimagine! Build an Inclusive Peace!"

Some civil society, government, religious, women and youth representatives to the Waging Peace – Kilos Kapayapaan Conference 2012. The theme is “Beyond the Talking Tables: Reimagine! Build an Inclusive Peace!”

Proposals and approaches toward the achievement of a comprehensive Bangsamoro framework, fresh approach to the NDF dialogues, and the linking of different groups for a larger peace network were discussed on the first day. MILF Peace Panel member, Abdullah Camlian was the first resource speaker on the second day, as he discussed the MILF’s position and future prospects on the ongoing Bangsamoro project. Afterwards, newly appointed GPH Peace Panel Chairperson Miriam Coronel – Ferrer discussed updates and answered questions on the Bangsamoro issue. The afternoon saw Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process, Teresita Quintos – Deles and GPH panel member Jurgette Honculada grace the stage for some news on the ongoing talks with the NDF.#


GenPeace Members Re-imagine the Work for Peace


Quezon City–The Generation Peace Youth Network (GenPeace) recently concluded its 3rd National General Assembly with the theme “Successor Generation: Re-imagine the Work for Peace.”  The assembly was held at the Ateneo de Manila University from February 23-25 and identified the network’s thematic priorities for 2012-2013.

Aside from discussing the network’s priorities, the gathering also discussed strategies to strengthen the network’s member organizations and expansion plans. Apart from the main mandate of the network in supporting political negotiations between the Government and the CPP NPA NDF and the Government and MILF, it also explores its role in promoting a culture of peace in the country. The assembly also elected its new set of officers for the national board (2012-2013).

Topics during the assembly range from updates on the peace processes, mediation and negotiation as essential peacebuilding skills, to envisioning peace. Prof. Ed Garcia of International Alert noted that “The Philippine peace negotiations are the world’s most protracted negotiations” with very limited milestones and as such require re-imagination from the part of youth peace advocates. ###
















GenPeace is a national youth network engaged in a youth-led advocacy towards a just and sustainable peace in the Philippines. It is a coming together of 40+ youth organizations and networks all over the country that support political settlements in resolving armed conflicts. 

Calendar of Activities: Peace Month


Doing something for Peace Day? Submit your initiatives by contacting us.

NOTE: The schedules of initiatives here may change without prior notice. It is advisable to contact the local area coordinators beforehand.

GenPeace is part of the larger network called the Waging Peace Philippines and the broader coming together of the Philippine peace movement known as the “Kilos para sa Kapayapaan at Katarungan” (KILOS).


Melbourne Forum showcasing most innovative and successful grassroots initiatives in the Asia-Pacific Region

The Global Dialogue Foundation under the auspices of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations is organizing the Melbourne Forum from 11 to 12 October 2010.

The Forum will showcase some of the most innovative and successful grassroots initiatives aimed at promoting mutual understanding among people and cultures in the Asia-Pacific Region as part of its “Marketplace of Ideas” Project. It will bring together business and political leaders, policy makers, influential civil society leaders, media, heads of religious communities and academics.

The Global Dialogue Foundation is looking for long-term partnerships with creative grassroots projects that drive change by:

1) contributing to mutual understanding among diverse communities and cultures;

2) helping to overcome cultural, religious, and ethnic tensions;

3) building peace

Civil society organizations can submit their projects by writing about them in an essay format and submit them to the Forum organizers. The deadline to submit the applications is 15 September 2010. For more information, visit this link.

You may also visit: for details.

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GenPeace National Assembly: “Consolidating the Youth Peace Agenda, Responding to the Emerging Issues of Peace”

GenPeace will be having its national assembly on 5-6 December 2009 at the Ateneo de Manila University. For possible slots for participants, send us a message via the guestbook of this site. The draft programme for the event is as follows:



December 5: Pre-Conference Newbie Dinner

Venue: TBA



GenPeace: Who we are? What we do?

Open Forum


Closing Remarks



December 6: General Assembly


8:00-8:30               Registration:

8:30-8:40               Opening Ritual and Interfaith Prayers:

8:40-8:50               Overview of the GA and Introductions:

8:50-9:05               Opening Remarks

9:05-9:35               Reporting on 2009: Peace Issues, Activities, Outputs




10:00-10:45          Workshop: 2010 Projects, Themes, Strategies for GenPeace

10:45-11:30          Presentation of Plans for 2010


11:30-12:30          Group Photo and LUNCH


1:00-1:30               Presentation of Youth Peace Agenda

1:30-2:00               Presentation and Adoption of GenPeace Organizational Paper and Organizational Structure: Debbie

2:00-2:45               Election of Officers:  Lloyd and Celine

2:45-3:10               Video Presentation: Kwentong Kapayapaan Documentary and Peace Day Music Video




3:30-4:30               Panel Discussion: Moving the Peace Forward: Emerging Issues and the Armed Conflicts

–          What are the emerging issues that affect the developments in the peace process?

–          How can the youth help move the peace processes forward?

–          Considering the changes in the political landscape by 2010 vis-à-vis the peace processes, what strategies are needed?

4:30-5:00               Open Forum

5:00-5:30               Closing Remarks

6:00                        Visit of Peace Wall and DINNER at QC Circle

YES 2009: Youth Engagement Summit in Kuala Lumpur


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