Embark on a culture of learning!

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As young (and those that are young at heart) peace advocates, we must continue learning and understanding the world we live in. One of the main causes of conflicts is misunderstanding. We invite you young advocate to constantly acquire knowledge and skills in peacebuilding.

think and learn

This resource center aims to provide youth leaders some resources on peace and related advocacies. Here’s what you can do:

1.  Explore the resources here!

The idea of this resouce center is to provide at the least, a basic peace framework  for young peace advocates. The resource center is still under construction, and we’ll be posting and building it as time goes on. Do check this section from time to time for updates and new links to resources.

Are you looking for some peace readings that are not here? Make your request, and we’ll help you look for some peace materials that can be useful to us too.

2. Share your peacebuilding resources!

Do you know some cool and useful resources that young peace advocates can use? A website for young peace advocates? Please share your resources with us and our network as well, and we’ll be glad to post them here. Let’s share our resouces with our  community. Leave a comment if you want to share some materials to our peace community. Thanks.

NOTE: The resources linked here are properties of the different organizations working for peace.  Please cite your sources and attribute properly.


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