GenPeace Human Rights Playschool Game Kit


This GenPeace human rights education project is made possible through the Karapatan sa Malikhaing Paraan (KaSaMa) with support from the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Manila.

GenPeace Human Rights Playschool provides basic education on the Universal Declaration on Human Rights (UDHR) as well as providing fun to young people while learning. The educational offering of GenPeace Human Rights Playschool focuses on values, attitudes and beliefs about human rights and respect to dignity. Repackaging formal workshops into facilitated “playshops” highlights significant human rights issues experienced by the youth particularly discrimination based on social, cultural and religious differences.

The Human Rights Game Kit – The design of the interactive games and board game maximizes the use of structured and facilitated playshops. The creative use of structured experiences contributed significantly to create an exciting form of learning. GenPeace Human Rights Playschool focused on utilizing various forms of games to teach UDHR catering to the audience and the need for understanding the concept of human rights in a fun and creative way.

GenPeace Human Rights Playschool Game Kit are also available to partners at Php 500.00 for the sustainability of the program in conducting Human Rights Playshops in the communities and public schools.


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  1. French C Vibar

    I am interested to buy a kit. How do I go about it? Please advise. Thanks!

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