Job Opening: ICS Youth Action Project Supervisor and ICS Youth Xchange Project Supervisor

VSO Bahaginan is a development organization committed to fighting poverty and disadvantage through a wide range of volunteering development programs.  We are the federation member of VSO in Asia and the Pacific.  VSO is currently leading the implementation of the International Citizen Service (ICS), a new initiative of the UK government that will give young adults from the UK the opportunity to work alongside national youth volunteers and join the fight against poverty.  The Philippines, through VSO Bahaginan, is one of 21 countries participating in the pilot.

 We are currently looking for two project-based staff positions – Youth Action Project Supervisor and Youth Exchange Project Supervisor.

ICS Youth Action Project Supervisor

(Job Code: YAPS)

Youth Action is a 12 week volunteering program for 18-22 year olds.  A group of 10 young people from the UK will join a group of up to ten young people from the Philippines, to live, learn and volunteer together on community based social action projects.  Through living and working alongside communities, Youth Action volunteers gain firsthand knowledge and experience of good practice in development work and are in turn able to make practical and meaningful contributions to the communities in which they volunteer.  They return to their home communities motivated to play a part in local and global action and, with support from Global Xchange, each Youth Action volunteer will undertake a project in their home community to share their experiences of their volunteering.  Each Youth Action team of volunteers is supported by two Project Supervisors, one from the UK and one from the host country.

With significant experience of working with young people in an international development context, the Youth Action Project Supervisorwill be reporting to the Youth Project Manager and will be responsible for supporting a team of volunteers by providing pastoral support and facilitating learning during their action projects.

Deadline for submission of application:         27 May 2011

Interview/Assessment date:                      01 June 2011

Location base of post:                          Metro Manila/Bulacan

Duration of post:       3 ½  months (with option of doing two 3-month cycles in first half of 2012)

Post starts:                                    16 June 2011

ICS Youth Xchange Project Supervisor

(Job Code: YXPS)

Youth Xchange is a 6 month reciprocal volunteer program where a team of 20 volunteers, 10 from the UK and 10 from the Philippines live and volunteer together for 3 months in a UK community in Bradford and exchange Philippine community in Bohol.  All our Global Xchange volunteers will do work which is of practical value to people in each country.  They will also develop values which will help them play a positive role in their own societies and gain experience and skills which will enhance their future employability. Each Youth Xchange team of volunteers is supported by two Project Supervisors, one from the UK and one from the Philippines.  With significant experience of working with young people in an international development context, the project supervisor will be responsible for supporting a  team of volunteers by providing pastoral support and facilitating learning during the exchange. The role is based in the Philippines for 6 months and 3 months in the UK.

The Philippine-based Project Supervisor reports to the Youth Project Manager and is responsible for developing the program in a community in Bohol and, with their UK counterpart, for facilitating the implementation of the 6-month program in the UK and overseas.  

 Deadline for submission of application:        01 June 2011

Interview/Assessment date:                      10 June 2011

Duration of post:                               9 months

Location/Base of post:                          6 months in the Philippines and 3 months in the UK

Post starts:                                    18 July 2011



Key Responsibilities

Program development in the host community

Work with a community partner to design and implement the program.  Identifying support for the development of the core components of the program e.g. accommodation, projects,  etc to maximize the impact of the program for both the participants and the host community.

Volunteer Support

Working together with the UK counterpart, the supervisor will provide adequate support and supervision of volunteers throughout the program.  Promoting and encouraging appropriate behavior and ensuring safety and security standards procedures are met and understood.


Promoting learning amongst volunteers on global, cross-cultural and intercultural issues through the delivery of training and learning tools and supporting youth led and on-placement training throughout the program.

Relationship management and partnership working

Work effectively and with the UK project supervisor and act as a representative of GX and partners at all times.  Ensure that all program partners and stakeholders are kept regularly informed about the progress of the in-country programs, including any medical or health and safety issues.

Monitoring and evaluation

To ensure learning from the program is captured from all volunteers and stakeholders and outcomes recorded in accordance with overall purpose and objectives of the program.

Skills, Knowledge and Experience Required


·       Working with Young People

At least 5 years professional experience of working with and providing support to 18-25 year olds from a wide range of backgrounds with proven ability to facilitate learning in a non-formal environment

·       Cross-Cultural Working

Direct and substantial experience of working cross-culturally and able to communicate to a range of audiences and promote sharing and learning between cultures

·       International Development

Knowledge of issues which are common to communities in developing countries, possibly achieved through working or living in a developing country.  Experience of promoting learning about development issues.

·       Communication

Possession of strong English spoken and written communication skills needed for writing reports, publicity materials and corresponding with a wide-range of community members.

·       Supervision

Significant experience of working in a supervisory role. Proven ability to promote self-awareness, learning and development among individuals.

·       Planning and Organizing

Able to develop clear and realistic plans to deliver agreed objectives within deadlines, involving key individuals in the planning process.

·       Computer skills

Strong computer skills (Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint


·       Budget Management

Experience of managing budgets and undertaking accounting procedures.

·       Volunteering

Sufficient experience of working with volunteers to understand the key factors which make volunteer placements viable, effective and rewarding.

To apply for any of these posts, please email your application using the VSO Bahaginan application form (attached) to the Youth Project Manager at with the Job Code: YAPS (for the Youth Action Project Supervisor post ) and YXPS (for the Youth Xchange Project Supervisor post) as the subject line.   Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

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