Report on the Decade for a Culture of Peace: Final Civil Society Report for the UN Decade of Peace (2001-2010)

Click on the image to read/download the Decade Report

Generation Peace Youth Network (GenPeace) supported the publication of this Report. The crucial question being: What had the 2001-2010 UN-declared Decade (for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence for the Children of the World) accomplish for peace organizations around the world? What were the implications of the policy on peacebuilding initiatives worldwide?

The Decade for a Culture of Peace Youth Team came into existence because of the collaboration of the individuals and organizations in all parts of the world working extensively to cultivate a lasting culture of peace. Volunteers from different parts of the world joined efforts to produce the Report: Nikki Delfin (Philippines), Lillian Solheim (Netherlands), Johanna Graciela (Colombia), Mayte Roitenburd (Mexico), Shreya Jani (India), Oliver Rizzi Carlson (Switzerland) and Himala Jinadasa (Sri Lanka). Support was also provided by Alicia Cabezudo, ABrasOFFA, UNOY Peacebuilders, UNESCOCAT, Fundacion Cultura de Paz, and the Escola de Cultura de Pau of the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelnoa, among others.


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