Anagnorisis: An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on Peace is a creative expression of the young generation’s take on peace. It is a collection of essays, short stories, artworks and photographs that present the converging and diverging perspectives of the youth on the notion of peace. While defining peace itself is not addressed in this anthology, it is a melange of individual musings and collective aspirations of the Filipino youth trying to navigate the 21st century coming to grips with the structures of violence and the age-old internal armed conflicts in the country.  (excerpt from the book cover)



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  1. Djay Bustamante

    I got a copy of this. Thank you! 🙂 Peace to all. Let’s start a generation our foreparents dreamed of. A generation of peace. God/Allah bless us all.

  2. I got the copies too 😉 Thank you very much! Spread the Love, Peace and Happiness to all!

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