Tell your story through Kwentong Kapayapaan

What is Peace Stories/Kwentong Kapayapaan?

pikit, north cotabato (c) 2004

pikit, north cotabato (c) 2004

Kwentong Kapayapaan is a compilation of war and peace stories (in photo, video, or written format) told from the various perspectives of the young generation. It presents the harsh realities that the young generation faces in the armed conflicts in Mindanao, Visayas and Luzon. It speaks of the brutality suffered in invisible hands—that of structural violence. The youth in the stories cry out and clamor for peace in the Philippines. These are stories that present the essentiality and possibility of peace. Kwentong Kapayapaan shows us the youth’s compelling role in peacebuilding.

Kwentong Kapayapaan is your story told from your perspective.

About Kwentong Kapayapaan

Kwentong Kapayapaan is part of the Peace Day Project which celebrates September 21 as the International Day of Peace. Few people know that the date is a UN mandated and universally recognized day of peace.

Our aim is to institutionalize the celebration of the 21st of September as the International Day of Peace, in other words reach the point where awareness of Peace Day becomes self-sustaining, and engage the different sectors, particularly the youth, in the Day’s peaceful observance.

We would like to celebrate the Peace Day by: 1) Remembering and understanding the different conflicts that need to be resolved in the Philippines; 2) Bringing to focus the peace issues by highlighting different stories of peace and conflict and; 3) Creating a collective and creative space for youth organizations to discuss, participate and express their aspirations for peace.

So, to recap:
WHAT: Kwentong Kapayapaan: Stories of War, Peace and Peacebuilding in the Philippines
WHO: You! We want to tell to a broader audience your story as a Youth NGO working for Peace, as a youth living in a community displaced by armed conflict, as an indigenous youth aspiring for peace, and so on.
WHY: Because telling your story is the best reason for everyone to work for peacebuilding. The Stories will highlight the role of youth in peacebuilding, best practices in peace advocacy, as well as document the effects of war and conflict on the young generation. The stories aim to provide a “human face” to the advocacy of peace. We are now accepting submissions of human interest stories on peace and conflict.
WHEN: Deadline for submission of stories is on September 15, 2009
HOW: Mail your stories to: or send to:

GenPeace Secretariat
c/o GZO Peace Institute, 2nd Floor Hoffner Building, SDC,
Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights
Quezon City 1108

1. Submission of your Kwentong Kapayapaan may be any or all of the following format:
• PHOTO (with captions)
• VIDEO (raw videos or completed works, include a one paragraph explanation of you story if needed)
• AUDIO recording
• WRITTEN (essay format or a one-page description of your story)
2. You may send your story submission by:
• GZO Peace Institute, 2nd Floor Hoffner Building, Social Development Complex, Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights, Quezon City 1108

3. Topic: The story must focus on the Youth and one (or all) of the following:
a. peace and conflict Issues (personal, organizational, community, local or national in scope)
b. Initiatives in peacebuilding (best practices and success stories)
c. Aspirations for peace (Peace Philosophy)
d. Personal experiences or anecdotes in war and/or peace
e. Faith, Culture and Peace
f. Other possible subthemes such as:

• Forms of violence
• Women
• Children in Armed Conflict Situations
• Internal Displacement
• Islam as a religion of peace
• Christianity as a religion of peace
• Belief systems and cultures as vehicles of peace
• Community-based peace initiatives (Peace Zone, etc.)
• Self determination
• Agrarian Reform
• Education
• Youth Peace Initiatives
• Peace Aspirations
• Subcultures
• Indigenous Peoples
• Poverty
• Social Justice
• Governance
• Collective action
• Non-violence
• Support for the Peace process

4. The different stories will be compiled by GenPeace and presented during the 21 September International Day of Peace Celebration as a short documentary.


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