Design your tile for the Peace Mosaic!

The Peace Day Project has 2 main components:

1.) Peace Mosaic

The Peace Mosaic will be composed of 100 tile pieces bearing peace messages/images coming from 100 different youth organizations/formations all over the Philippines. The Peace Mosaic will be displayed at a public venue on September 21 and a permanent installation of the artwork will be determined thereafter.

2.) Peace Stories

Peace Stories will be collected from the different peace youth groups participating in the Peace Day celebrations. The Stories will highlight the role of youth in peacebuilding, best practices in peace advocacy, as well as document the effects of war and conflict on the young generation. The stories aim to provide a “human face” to the advocacy of peace. We are now accepting submissions of interesting human stories on peace and conflict.


1. ASK.

Ask your school/organization to design a piece of 1×1 foot tile for the Peace Mosaic Project. You may also ask GenPeace for a piece for your organization. GenPeace is providing a limited number of tiles to be given to youth organizations for free. Of course, the offer is good while the supply lasts.


Discuss peace issues that affect the young generation. We want the designing of your peace tile to be a collective effort of your organization. Before designing your Tile, discuss among your colleagues your definitions of peace, the youth’s collective aspirations for peace, and your experiences of conflict. You may use some of the guide questions that are included in the Peace Tile Submission Form.


Design your tile piece. (For the technical specifications, etc. Please refer to the Guidelines below.)

Guidelines for Peace Tile Designs

Material: 1ft by 1ft piece of white tile

Tools: Acrylic paint (or alternative paints such as oil or poster paints), brushes (or its alternatives)

Content: Images and/or Messages related to Peace

  1. The Peace Tile Project is open to youth organizations, communities, schools and other youth formations.
  2. There will be 100 Tile pieces to be designed by different youth groups that would illustrate their a) peace and conflict issues and/or b) aspirations for peace.
  3. Peace messages, images or both can be illustrated onto the Tile pieces of the Peace Mosaic.
  4. Paint (oil, acrylic, etc.) will be the art medium used for the project.
  5. The best writing/painting medium is enamel paint. Pentel pen/marking pens can also be used. Avoid using lacquer-based paints/materials because it will melt paints and other enamel-based materials.
  6. Whenever available, Valspar can be used to topcoat the tiles. There should be 2 coatings/stages of applying the valspar: a.) after paints or pen ink has dried up, valspar should be sprayed over the tiles; b.) after 8 hours or the next day, the second coatingof valspar should be sprayed over the tiles.
  7. Brushes, and other alternative tools such as sticks, fingers, leaves, can be used for designing your tile piece.
  8. Whenever possible, take a photo or a video during your making of your artwork and send it to the GenPeace secretariat. This will help in making a video/photo documentary that will be presented at the Peace Day celebration.
  9. Only one Tile piece will be provided to each youth group so that more youth groups can participate in the Peace Tile Project.
  10. Finished designs must be submitted to the contact details below together with a Tile Submission form on or before September 17, 2009.

GenPeace Secretariat

c/o Gaston Z. Ortigas Peace Institute

2nd Floor Hoffner Building, SDC,

Ateneo de Manila University,

Loyola Heights Quezon City 1108

  1. The Tile pieces will be put together at the GenPeace: Peace Day Celeberation on September 21.



Youth Organization/Community:

Type of Youth Group:


Contact Number:


What is peace for me/us (i.e. as an organization, young generation, community, school, etc.)?

What are our aspirations for peace?

Share your peace/war story. Alternatively, share what you (personal and your youth organization) are doing for peace.

Send your Peace Tile designs to:

GenPeace Secretariat c/o Gaston Z. Ortigas Peace Institute, 2nd Floor Hoffner Building, SDC, Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights Quezon City 1108

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