We’re pleased to announce that a new website had been set up called (Reporting Internal Displacements in Mindanao).

The site is a  pro-bono initiative of Manila journalists to help bring attention on the plight of Mindanao IDPs in cooperation with Mindanao Comstrat, Mindanews, PECOJON, CCJD, NUJP, IWPR, I-WATCH. It is intended to be an information hub on all related data, situational analysis and reports on the IDPs.

Right now, the site contains only a slideshow of photos but the web administrator will be uploading more content in the days to come in the form of published articles, commentaries, analysis, statements, reports from CSOs, photos, etc. Contributions are welcome. Just email bakwit@bakwit. org.

This is still an offshoot of the the “State of the Bakwits” Joint Coverage of Mindanao and Manila journalists on the plight of IDPs held from June 29 to July 1.

There are plans particularly to sustain efforts of ensuring continued reportage on internal displacements. The organizers are in the process of doing the groundwork for this in consultation with CSOs.

A synthesized report/briefer that includes mapping of all issues and stakeholder views, positions and recommendations will also be out soon.  During the 3-day activity, we met with CSOs in collaboration with the CBCS; the IDPs in the commnities; the PA’s 6th ID; OCD; CHR; DOH; Engr. Unas; Atty. Sampulna; the MILF; and the
GRP panel chair Ambassador Seguis; and others.


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