365 PETITION: 365 photos, for IMT’s extension


After May 10, the fragile peace in Mindanao can turn into an all-out war. The Malaysian delegation, having the largest contingent in the International Monitoring Team of the GRP-MILF Peace Talks, is pulling out this May. We can do something about it! Your support is crucial so that government leaders and the international community can hear us out.

Join the 365 Petition, NOW!

We are asking for 365 photos of individuals calling for at LEAST a 365-day extension of Malaysia’s delegation to the IMT. Your photo means:

1. You are supporting the peace process in Mindanao.
2. You are calling for the signing and implementation of the peace agreements (with MILF and MNLF)
3. You are asking for Malaysia’s extension in the International Monitoring Team.

Frequently Asked Questions:
On May 10 the International Monitoring Team (IMT) of the GRP-MILF peace talks is pulling out of the peace process. The IMT is composed of representatives from different countries such as Malaysia, Japan, Libya, Brunei and groups from AD HOC Joint Action Group (AHJAG) and Coordinating Committees on the Cessation of Hostilities (CCCH). Its main role is to keep the peace in Mindanao, monitor ceasefire violations and initiate or support peacebuilding initiatives.

The May 10 pull-out has dire consequences to the peace process. When Malaysia led the IMT in early 2000, the number of armed incidents between the government (GRP) and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) dramatically decreased from an estimated 700 incidents to less than 20. Violence that affected communities has been minimized. The monitors have effectively instituted confidence-building measures such as ceasefire mechanisms and joint military actions between GRP and MILF, opened lines of communication between parties and helped bridge the gap through backroom channels of dialogues. The IMT also plays a crucial role in the investigation of conflict incidents such as the July 10 Basilan incident. The IMT further acknowledges and involves local communities in peacekeeping which empowered local stakeholders to sustain a peaceful environment.

While only the Malaysian delegation of the IMT is pulling out, they play a major role as the leader in the IMT and consist of the largest delegation. Malaysia’s pull out can cause eventual breakdown of the IMT. Without the IMT, the conflict in Mindanao can escalate into a full-blown war. The communities in Mindanao cannot afford to have another all-out war in the midst of peace initiatives, rehabilitation and development efforts. This will cause not only deaths, displacement of thousands of families and destruction of communities but can gravely affect the peace process between the MILF and the government.

1. Join the 365 Faces for 365 Days Photo Petition.
Sign up with the 365 petition of GenPeace! The petition asks for pictures of individuals supporting the call for the IMT to stay at least another year. The aim is to gather 365 pictures of supporters for a 365-day extension of Malaysia in the IMT. We need effective and urgent action to counter the looming threat of the pull-out.

VISIT: http://picasaweb.google.com/nikki.delfin/Campaigns
for photo petition ideas and resources.

You may send your photos along with your names, organizations and addresses to genpeacenetwork@gmail.com

2. Encourage others to sign up.

You can ask your friends and family to sign-up and support the Mindanao peace process. You may send your photos along with your names, organizations and addresses to genpeacenetwork@gmail.com
You may also do email campaigning by adding this on your email signature:

“Prevent the May 10 Mayhem! Support the Peace Process! IMT Please Stay!” visit https://youthpeacenetwork.wordpress.com and join the 365 PETITION.

3. Write statements of support.
If you belong to an organization, write a position paper showing your support and send them to your partners, networks, friends and communities. You may also forward your letters to the embassies of countries with members in the IMT.

4. Join “Prevent the May 10 Mayhem” Activities:

Dialogue with Chair Rudy Garcia of the GRP Panel negotiating with MILF
2 May 2008, Friday 3PM
4th Floor Agustin Building, Emerald Avenue Ortigas

Dialogue with Secretary Dureza of the Office of Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process
2 May 2008
OPAPP Office, 7th Floor Agustin Building, Emerald Avenue Ortigas

Diplomatic Briefings With Embassies of Canada, Japan and UNICEF
5 May 2008, PM
Place: TBA

365 Photo Petition Signing
2 May 2008, whole day
Barangays in Metro Manila

GenPeace 365 Photo Petition

5 May 2008, AM
Plaza Miranda, Quiapo

Press Conference/Media Coverage
2 May 2008, AM
Plaza Miranda, Quiapo


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  1. Salamat po sa mga tinuro nyo. Maramai po kaming natutunan! Sobrang enjoy pa po!
    Balik po uli kayo sa SAN JOSE, Tarlac!

  2. you are welcome heinz! buti may natutunan ka. hahaha. kami rin maraming natutunan sa inyo! peace!!!

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