1st Barangay 20 Youth Congress – Tondo, Manila

GenPeace continues to educate young people on peace and human rights. On February 23, GenPeace members coming from the NAPC-YS, Peacetech, Katipunan Youth Club and GZO Peace Institute went to Parola 20 in Tondo to talk to the youth regarding their human rights and roles in nation-building. The urban poor youth, coming from different organizations in Tondo, came together with specific issues in mind–understanding the history of Tondo, their right to have a home, the Urban Development and Housing Act, peace and human rights issues. At the end of the gathering, the young participants came with a resolution.

This a peace project organized by the Katipunan Youth Club of Parola Tondo, in partnership with GenPeace. It took place in Manila on February 23, 2008 at the Katipunan Youth Club Peace Home. It a gathering of youth from different organizations and areas from the community. There they learn about their role, rights and responsibilities. They learned about urban development and what they can do to protect their community.


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