Defining Moment

I think every person has a defining moment. Defining moment is something that gives meaning your goals and mission as a person. We all want peace, but when did you start WANTING peace? What are the triggers that made you into a peacemaker? or, are you still undergoing your personal defining moment? It could be a single point or a long series of experiences. It can be as cheesy as my story.. or as simple as a smile from a person from the other side.

>>>As a Filipino, my defining moment is EDSA Revolution.. Also, my 2-year stay in Haiti changed me forever: Seeing Haitians dead on the streets, and streets barricaded with burning tires, hearing gun shots at night, seeing tanks by day and barely escaping through Dominican Republic. These 2 are my defining moments, they made me realize that I want to work for PEACE, HUMAN RIGHTS and JUSTICE.


What’s your defining moment?


note: I think sharing our stories itself could be a defining moment for someone. I know there are more stories from you. Please do share… Good day!


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