Generation Peace Youth Network

Press StatementDecember 19, 2006


Wrong Move

We, the Generation Peace Youth Network, strongly DENOUNCE the Charter Change desperately waged by the majority in the House of Representatives. The infamous Cha-Cha, posing to be the cure-all to the problems of the country and claming to be pro-democracy, is a disservice and a deception to the Filipino people.

The mask of trickery failed to hide the vested interests of the majority in the Congress and it is ostensibly clear that this futile effort of the corrupt and greedy is based on self-serving and undemocratic principles. The process, substance and context of Cha-Cha are all questionable and the majority in the House of Representatives is shamelessly trampling the sovereignty of the People and the Constitution. All the tricks of this Congress will fail—from People’s Initiative, Constitutional Assembly and even a Constitutional Convention—unless backed up by the institutions of democracy. Unless a change in the Constitution will guarantee genuine reforms which will translate to progress; unless the people who will bring change are true to the principles of democracy, justice and service; and unless the People of the Republic of the Philippines deem the process legitimate, then Charter Change will ultimately be, by all means, a “grand deception and a gigantic fraud.”

Wrong Time

Indicators show that the Philippine Democracy is under assault and the political climate is immature to effect genuine constitutional changes, a proof that changing the 1987 Constitution now is preposterous. The legitimacy problem of the Arroyo administration, characterized by the “Hello Garci” tapes and the Jueteng Scandal, needs its base of support in order to thrive. Having no support from the people, many perceive that the presidency resorts to the use of unconventional means to hold power. Charter change is one option, giving the president power to extend term limits and further concentrate power. Executive Order 464 and Proclamation 1017 are other ways to weaken the opposition and further consolidate power. In addition, the unprecedented number of extra judicial killings of journalists and activists creates a climate of impunity and fear. There has been no administration in the post-Marcos era where the democratic freedom of expression comes with such a great cost. To further worsen the situation, 3 typhoons swept the Bicol Region and
Southern Philippines in a span of about a month, virtually destroying everything in its path. An immediate declaration of a state of emergency and a commitment to rehabilitate the devastated areas should have taken precedence over the 3-day squabble over Cha-Cha in Congress.

Wrong People

We REPROBATE the majority in the House of Representatives and the current Arroyo Administration for misrepresenting the will of the People. Their idea of Cha-Cha is nothing more than the postponement of elections, extension of their term limits, and a further concentration of power. The administration-aligned representatives’ brazen usurpation of power from the People will only be matched with an unequivocal resistance from the youth and the populace.

We understand the scale of which the proposed Charter Change will affect the People.If the Congress genuinely want reforms, then a sincere Cha-Cha proposal must undergo the rigorous examination from both the Senate and the House of Representatives. If the Congress is serious in creating systemic amendments, then a genuine Cha-Cha must not be done hastily. If the Government stands on virtues of democracy, peace and freedom, then Cha-Cha must be transparent in all its processes and that the representative democracy must be void of authoritarian and self-serving pretexts.

We stand with those who participate in initiatives opposing the unethical Cha-Cha. We rally behind the active non-violent means of resistance towards Cha-Cha and we APPEAL to all the forces of the opposition to take the peaceful and just path in resolving the issue. Generation Peace Youth Network believes that this Cha-Cha is the WRONG MOVE, AT THE WRONG TIME, AND WITH THE WRONG PEOPLE. PROTECT PHILIPPINE DEMOCRACY! NO TO CHA-CHA!


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  1. salamat sa pagbisita sa aking blog! 🙂

  2. tama. dapat irespeto ng gobyerno ang sambayanan. bumoto ng tama sa eleksyon!

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