IKAW ay imbitado. Isama mo ang tropa. Libre to tsong!



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  1. sure po ba ang Sheila and the Insects? =/

  2. sure ang shiela and the insects. why po?

  3. sure ang shiela and the insects. bakit po?

  4. wala po kasi silang na-announce na babalik sila ng Manila eh. Salamat!

    ah, yung dicta license hindi na kasali?

  5. recent updates:

    1. dicta license booked 3 new gigs and cancelled its gen peace concert appearance.

    2. noel garovillo of sil’ek said their lead vocals is undergoing an appendectomy operation and would not make it on friday.

    3. hardboiled eggz is in baguio and wouldn’t make it too.

    4. blue ketchup takes the place of hardboiled eggz’s timeslot.

  6. ah, ok! Salamat po!! =)

  7. wow! this is exciting. finally a chance to watch shiela and the insects live! andito rin ang radioactive! panoorin nyo rin po ang sisig. 🙂

  8. sure ba and SHEILA and the INSECTS? and THE AMBASSADORS??!!

  9. shiela and the insects take the 830pm slot. ambassadors around 10pm. sure pareho! yahoooooooooo!!!! ^^

  10. May logo po ba ang GenPeace? Yung bang nasa poster ng concert, is that the logo of the orgnization, or just the logo of the concert?

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